Protect Your Business From Unemployment Claims!

Protect Your Business From Unemployment Claims!

By Unemployment Tracker Posted November 13, 2018

The easiest way to deal with an unemployment insurance claim is to avoid it altogether. Sometimes it may seem like an unavoidable occurrence with your business, but there are certain proactive considerations for an employer trying to protect their business from unemployment claims.

Think through your hires

Sometimes you need a worker so badly you hire someone who you aren’t sure about just to fill a role. While this seems wise at the time, it can lead to future unemployment claims. For example, if you hire someone even though they didn’t fit in well or weren’t qualified, that employee is probably eligible for unemployment insurance.

The hiring process and time spent trying to find the right person might cost more than a quick hire, but ultimately the decision to only fill the role with a qualified candidate will save you money.

Avoid a sudden firing of an employee

As tempting as it might be to fire someone on the spot, if they don’t have reasonable warning, you’ll end up paying for their unemployment insurance. If an employee is and has been making your job harder and you’re losing your sanity, think through your emotions and remember what is best for your company.

Communicate frequently

In order to fire someone with reasonable warning, communicate often so they aren’t blindsided. Even though these conversations can be hard, don’t wait until a review period. Speak to your worker about the issues as they happen and follow up. Make your expectations clear and explain what will happen if you don’t see improvement.

Document everything

Similarly, you’ll want to document everything from these conversations and what the employee has done so if a claim is filed, you’re covered. You can show you discussed the issues with the worker and they knew what would happen if they continued their current path.

When a UI claim is filed, trust us to help you

Even the most proactive company will face unemployment insurance claims. Instead of trying to handle it on your own, stretching your workforce and causing you to miss important deadlines, trust Unemployment Tracker to keep everything organized for you. Try a live demo today to see how we can help you!


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