Get Rid Of Your Company’s Toxic Culture With These 5 Tips!

Get Rid Of Your Company’s Toxic Culture With These 5 Tips!

By Unemployment Tracker Posted December 26, 2018

see good employees leave and the energy to be drained from the ones who stay. Cheery conversations will no longer fill your workspace; instead it will be populated by jealous whispers and the spreading of gossip. Fortunately for your company, a toxic culture is not irreversible.


If you’re in this dangerous situation, try these five tips to bring back positivity.


Welcome Feedback, Both Good and Bad

Once a manager gets a reputation for never wanting someone to speak against them, their team members may feel their opinions don’t matter, and they’re essentially working for a dictator. Their ideas fly, and no one can say anything against them. If this is an issue from your company, make sure your team knows constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated.


Promote Those Who Deserve It

Too often, promotions stray from the most-deserving to those who have the right look. This ‘look’ can be anything, based on the hiring manager’s preferences. When someone is promoted, everything is scrutinized, but the main question is always “did they deserve it?” At your company, it should never matter what someone looks like or the relationship they have with a superior. If they are the most qualified for a promotion, they should receive it, period.


Encourage Risk-Taking

Most managers will likely say they encourage an employee taking a good and calculated risk, but what is the response if it doesn’t pay off? To keep your team interested in thinking outside the box and trying something new, you need to celebrate them in success or failure. Don’t alienate them if it goes poorly – applaud them for their courage.


Don’t Let Anyone Talk Unchecked

You’ve likely experienced a non-stop talker in a meeting; nothing they say is particularly helpful or productive, but you don’t want them to feel as if they can’t raise their voice. While yes, it’s important to make sure everyone is heard, you don’t want one person so drown out the voices of everyone else. Don’t be afraid to cut someone off if it’s leading your meeting to become inefficient.


Celebrate Your Team

Taking the time to support and celebrate the successes of your employees can eliminate the need they feel to promote themselves and create a more positive culture. Your team will know they’re valued and, instead of fighting for attention, they’ll work harder.


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