5 Team-Building Activities to Make Your Next Meeting More Exciting

5 Team-Building Activities to Make Your Next Meeting More Exciting

By Unemployment Tracker Posted November 15, 2018

hear the collective groan echoing around the office. Your workers picture a day spent sitting and staring at a PowerPoint presentation. Instead of settling for this style, try these five team-building activities that are sure to make your next meeting more exciting.

Rolled change activity

Start by telling your team you’re going to pass around a bag of change and they must select how many rolls they think they’ll need for an item. Consider placing something covered on a table so they can guess how much they’ll need based on the size. You can even pass it around so people can feel the weight. Once everyone has taken how many rolls they think are necessary, tell them they now have to share a fact for each roll they’re holding.

Pet peeves discussion

Everyone has certain things that bother them, but rarely are they openly discussed. Sit in a circle and ask everyone to share what grinds their gears in an office. Remind them these shouldn’t be personal attacks, but general awareness items, like not cleaning the microwave or emailing when it’s easier to call or stop by a desk. This helps everyone become more of aware of their co-workers and can produce a better environment moving forward.

Design something new

Start by asking the group if anyone has an idea for a new product. It can be anything, related to your company or not. Once it’s written on a blank piece of paper, begin passing it to the left. Each person must add a new idea to the one before that can elevate the product even further. Once everyone has written something, have them discuss why they chose their ideas. This way, everyone is working together to solve problems and create something new.

Four truths and a lie

Each employee should write down four true, interesting things about them, and a fifth piece of information that’s a believable lie. Go around the room and have everyone read their list of five items and see if people can guess the lie each time. This is an easy and fun way to learn more about your co-workers.

Ball toss

This one is especially good at getting our team out of their seats and moving. Take a beach ball and write different ice breaker questions all over it with permanent marker. Have your employees toss the ball around and whatever question their right thumb lands on, they have to answer.

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