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By Unemployment Tracker Posted July 18, 2018

Navigating How to Detect and Handle Unemployment Fraud

The rise in unemployment has led to record numbers of unemployment insurance payouts as well as fraudulent claims. Overpayments alone can top $3 billion each year in the United States. That equates to almost 13 percent o[...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted July 11, 2018

Keeping Your Employee Handbook Updated Is Important: Here’s Why.

Imagine trying to watch a hockey game without a rulebook. It would be chaos on the ice with hockey players all over the place, continuing to skate, passing the puck after the whistle, and getting checked every five secon[...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted July 5, 2018

Who’s Paying Unemployment Insurance?

When an employee is let go at no fault of their own, they are entitled to unemployment insurance. It provides temporary financial assistance in the downtime before they secure new employment. Situations where this is app[...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted July 3, 2018

A juggling act: How to handle a high volume of unemployment claims

Managing one unemployment claim can be stressful and confusing for your company. When layoffs or downsizing leads to a high volume, the process can become a nightmare. You need to monitor the claims that are filed and de[...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted June 26, 2018

How to ensure long-term benefits by implementing team building at your company

As an employer, you want to keep your turnover rates low so your team is comprised of committed, long-term employees. While there are a number of ways to achieve this, such as improving company culture and creating good [...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted June 19, 2018

4 Things You Need to Know About Multistate Claims

Unemployment insurance is by paid through taxes the employer pays to the state (SUTA) and on the federal level (FUTA). Each state determines its own rules for what unemployment claims look like. Because of this, determin[...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted June 12, 2018

Immediate steps to take once an employee files for an unemployment claim

Letting an employee go doesn’t always mean your relationship is over. The Social Security Act enables them to file for u[...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted June 7, 2018

Do unemployment policies need to be updated?

More than 80 years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the Read More

By Unemployment Tracker Posted June 5, 2018

5 Ways an Unemployment Claims Software Can Streamline Your Process

In your business, it’s likely the unemployment claims process has frustrated you a time or two. It can be an intense and time-sucking process, leaving you overpaying former employees and missing deadlines on important fi[...]

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By Unemployment Tracker Posted May 29, 2018

5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees’ Professional Development

Professional development is a frequently discussed yet often overlooked part of the job. In an ideal world it would be prioritized, but with heavy workloads it tends to fall to the wayside. Some companies are excellent a[...]

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